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Why is CM Nitish Kumar insensitive towards small traders
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Stretch from Raja Bazar to Jagdeopath in Patna has recently come up as a hub for eaters and shoppers who are served by small traders.

In last one week there has been a drive from government to remove any shop, establishment, eating joint that has encroached upon government land.

Clearly this action from government shows how insensitive they are towards small time traders. Traders were not given enough notice to remove/demolish part of the business on government land. Two to three days ago an announcement was made on loudspeaker and on 23rd August their business was forcefully demolished causing them huge losses.

Moreover, government agency was selective in their demolition drive. Rich traders and traders having links in government/administration were spared while the weaker section trader's business was demolished.

Traders would like to question our honourable CM Sri Nitish Kumar - why are we selectively punished while the powerful are left?

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